Being A New Term : Step Families Essay

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While Step-families are not a new term, step families in the military takes a different meaning. I have seen some families navigated it like pros where the children are the main concern of everyone, as well as those that have to handled it not as gracefully. Going into a family as the “outsiders” it’s hard to always to make it a smooth transition, let alone adding moves and deployments to the mix. The important key to successfully join two families is to have open communication and understanding from all parties, and some thick skin. If done right, children in military stepfamilies have a wide range of resources from with to draw comfort, support, care, information, and values (Hall 2008).
Step families are common among military families, the long deployments and the stress that is causes is not something that many can handle alone. It is a life isolation for some that are far away from families and left with no one around when their service member deploys. With some service members getting married at a young age to take advantage of benefits offered to those that are married helps raise the divorce rate I believe. I know for one, I did not want my on getting married at 20 years of age, but there isn’t much you can do by try to show them how to have a healthy relationship. Some would think that having someone that have lived a military life would make it easier, they already know what to expect, but that is not always the case. In many cases when you marry a…

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