Being A Male, Selecting The Female Reproductive System Essay

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Being a male, selecting the female reproductive system was slightly awkward for me. In addition, I didn’t look forward to having to present my findings in a public forum along with visual aids. With that being said, I moved forward with my research on the pathologies of the female reproductive system. It did not take long to recognize some familiar terminology related to the pathological anomalies of the female reproductive system. Pathological terminology such as Fibroids (tissue overgrowth) and Endometriosis (pain in the uterine lining) were some terms I encountered At different moments in our life at one time or another, we will have someone close to us experiencing some issues of the female reproductive system. I had a few people close to me who suffered from complications of those pathological disorders, which led to the loss of pregnancy. Having the knowledge of the causes, symptoms, complications and treatments will enable us to not only understand what these people are going through but how to comfort them as well. Having a working knowledge of the female reproductive system is beneficial in helping those close to us, as a radiology technologist that way we can better assist our patients.

During my research, I read several articles on fibroids, especially uterine fibroids. According to the article, “Fibroids: Frequency and Factors” by Dr. Mehreen Khalil, Dr . Lubna Ali, Dr. Nazia Hakeem, 20-40% of women of child-bearing age have uterine fibroids. In addition,…

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