Essay Being A High School Student

1621 Words Nov 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Being a high school student can be stressful when accounting for the workload, extra curricular activities, a job, friends, and family. Adding a College Credit Plus program into my rigorous schedule was alarming. I had to learn how to juggle the several activities I was currently involved in, and now writing papers at college level on top of everything else. Ending my junior year I was faced with the decision to take English 12 or my current College Credit Plus writing class. After going back and forth conflicting with myself, I finally came to the conclusion I wanted to push myself to exceed my own expectations and make my parents proud of how far I have truly come throughout my high school career. In the beginning of the semester, my classmates and I were given the task to write an essay on “Is Praise Undermining Students Motivation?,” an article given to us on the first day of class. Coming directly out of summer, I was trying to retain my previous knowledge of writing essays from the year before and found myself struggling to grasp onto the idea of several crucial skills, such as making a clear thesis statement, transitioning into or throughout paragraphs, using rhetorical devices, and proofreading. My grades were slipping faster than ever and I found myself sitting at a D average and panicking thinking I would not be able to get an A. As this semester has quickly gone by, looking back on the first assignment given to me compared to the essays after, I see how much I…

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