Essay about Being A Foster Parent Is How Much Do They Make Per Child

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One of the most frequent questions asked in regards to being a foster parent is how much do they make per child. Sadly some people only consider being a foster parent because they are looking at it as a means of a having a consistent source of income versus the wellbeing of the child. The money you are given monthly is not meant to be considered a payment for services. The money given is intended to help with any extra expenses that may come about while caring for the child or children on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Many states actually pay the same amount of money for foster care families regardless of who provides the service (unrelated foster parents, relatives, or any caregiver that have all intentions on adopting a child).

Poverty, homelessness, and unemployment are some of the main contributing factors to children being placed in foster care. Overall the United States foster care system has been in a bad financial status even prior to the economic crisis that happened years ago. The Washington Post once reported that "in nearly every state... the cost of providing basic care for a foster child exceeds the government 's foster-care reimbursement rate." With the continuation of the economic crisis that we have experienced it has likely drastically slowed down any plans for any future increase in government funding for any children currently in the foster care system.

In 2014, 399,546 children entered into foster care. Of the 399,546 children in foster care…

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