Being A Firefighter Essay

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Experience the Flames

Family, what is a family exactly? A family is a group of people who are there for each other through each other`s ups and down helps one another strive to be the best they can possibly be. The brotherhood between firefighters is insane they want the best for one another, they want to achieve greatness together. Being a firemen is a very different career than other professions going into the station there is no way of knowing what kind of calls are going to happen that way. Firemen are ready for anything at any time of any day. Everyone has different responsibilities on different days that`s how they earn their salaries and job security. Going through the training of fire and emt are two very different experiences but they learn to use both skills together and effectively. The firefighters fight for the people that cannot fight themselves, therefore analyzing the educational requirements, salary, job responsibilities and job security is a must to know.
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“You’ll be required to pass strenuous physical examination at the time you apply for work as a firefighter.” The fire academy will put men and women through hard training and skills that they will need to know when and how to use them. People need to know what they are getting into when training because it`s not like the movies where everyone gets saved. Real life people will die and firemen have to be ready for it because if they don`t it will chew them alive. The training helps with all aspects of firefighting so it plays a huge role. “The written exam covers math, human relations, problem solving written and oral communications.” A smart man will get the job done the first time not having to come back ever again. A city wants smart men to good out and get the job done write. Nobody wants an uneducated person trying to save lives when they do not know what they are

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