Becoming An Emergency Room Doctor

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Career Plans

Many kids have no idea what they are going to do after they graduate high school, whether itś choosing and going to college, starting in some sort of program, or simply getting a job in the real world. For me, my plans are set. Graduating and attending a four year university is in my sights as well as attending a medical school. Most students in high school do not know exactly what they want to do as a career, and for me, I have two that I can see myself doing. Becoming an Emergency Room Doctor or a Physical Therapist would be ideal for me and my future. Not only do each of these jobs allow me to obtain life experience but also how to work outside of my comfort zone. They push me beyond my limits by dealing with other people’s
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Some of the more common reasons why kids drop out of college are because of the time commitment in having to go to school, the difficulty in all the classes they’re taking and not being able to pay for school. Spending a long time in college or programs goes hand in hand with becoming a doctor and/or an ER Doctor. One of the most difficult things about becoming an Emergency Room Doctor would be the length of time in school. Something that will make one push past this factor is knowing that they went through some of the hardest times and got passed them and the fact that they will become a doctor. Another stump one might have in becoming an Emergency Room Doctor would be trying to get over a fear of needles but with time and practice, hopefully that fear will subside. Also seeing people with life threatening injuries will be hard to work with due to all the pressure that relies on the Emergency Room Doctor. Anyone that completes a doctorate program and obtains a doctorate degree is immediately respected from the people coming to see that …show more content…
Physical therapist for Mountain Land Therapy, Travis Spainhower (2015), says, “The most difficult aspect of my work would be communicating with people that only speak spanish,” (Spainhower, 2015). From talking with my physical therapist, I have learned that an important thing to obtain while I am going through college would be to take courses on speaking spanish and become bilingual. Physical Therapist Travis (2015), also states, “The most important thing I’ve learned about becoming a Physical Therapist is being understanding of people’s wants and needs and how to come across in a caring manner,” (Spainhower, 2015). Being a physical therapist is just like being a regular therapist but with more exercise involved, so being understanding and thoughtful for what people are going through is a huge factor in being a great Physical Therapist. Travis also says that knowing the anatomy of the human body is a huge part in being a successful physical therapist because in the eyes of the people, knowing definitions and key terms allows the patients to interact better and will make them want to come back to someone that knows their condition (Spainhower, 2015). So many things are important when going into the medical field, especially when you work as an ER Doctor or a Physical Therapist. If something is done wrong or put out of

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