Becoming An Active Lifestyle With A Regular Fitness Routine Essay

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During the 20th century, the number of persons in the United States under age 65 has tripled. At the same time, the number aged 65 or over has jumped by a factor of 11! Consequently, the elderly, who comprised only 1 in every 25 Americans (3.1 million) in 1900, made up 1 in 8 (33.2 million) in 1994 (US Census, 1995). As the nation ages, people need to be aware that more people are aging too. Have you ever heard the term “Move it or lose it?” If so, then you know that if you do not move your body you lose muscle tension. Maintaining an active lifestyle with a regular fitness routine is the key to having a better quality of life in one’s later years. As we look at the aging population we must think of ways to keep them active. A good to keep the elderly active would be to introduce them to eccentric exercises. Why may you ask? Well, first we must define eccentrics. Eccentric is a type of muscle contraction that occurs as the muscle fibers lengthen, such as when a weight is lowered through a range of motion, or when a person walks downhill. The contractile force generated by the muscle is weaker than an opposing force, which causes the muscle to stretch (Why Eccentrics?). Therefore, as a nation, we must look after the elderly and encourage them to exercise as much as possible. As which many exercises there are benefits of eccentric exercises when used with the elderly population. Research has shown that eccentric exercise places less demand on the cardiovascular…

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