Bar Persuasive Speech

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Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Kyla and this Faith. In this video we be showing you the safe and proper way to perform the five basic lifts, the push press, the back and front squat, the bench press, and finally, the deadlift. However, before we begin it is important to stretch out and warm up your muscles to make sure you don’t get hurt. Now that we are warmed up we can begin to set up for the lifts. Today we will be using the standard bar which weighs 45 pounds. Once you’ve got the bar in the proper position, on a rack or on the ground, depends on which lift you’re doing, you can start putting on weight. However, when you’re just starting out it is best to leave the bar as it is so that you can perfect your form.
The first lift we will be doing is the push press. For this lift you’ll need a rack to set the bar on. Make sure that the bar is about the height of your shoulders so that you can keep your balance when racking and uncracking the bar. The first step of the push press is to establish your grip. For the push press place your hands on the rough knurling a full thumbs length away from the smooth center. This will ensure that the bar stays center with your body and that you remain stable throughout the
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You have just successfully completed the five basic lifts. Now you can get the Hulk muscles you always wanted. However, keep in mind that everything takes practice and it will take a while to get as amazing muscles as Faith and I. Make sure that when you’re weightlifting you don’t try and lift more than you can handle. While pushing yourself is important, it is also important to keep yourself safe. So make sure and pace yourself. Also make sure to put away any equipment you got out back where you found it. Also if you see any unattended equipment lying around, be sure to put that away as well because Christmas is coming and you need all the Nice List points you can get. Above all, make sure to stay safe and have fun. Happy Weightlifting!

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