Becoming A Soldier At The United States Army Essay examples

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Becoming a soldier in the United States Army is an amazing accomplishment at so young an age, and usually considered to be a good thing. It’s is a career, a job that can provide for a family in the future, as well as providing an identity, job opportunities , college education and friendship with like minded individuals. Being in the Army enhances your life by placing structure in your life, and an provides opportunities to achieve goals and to contribute in all different capacities. While it 's possible to live as simply being a soldier, soldiers are not truly living unless they are physically and mentally present where they travel, whether on duty or being off duty. Being present however, can impact a soldier in a professional and personal manner, and can be commonly linked with poor physical health, as well as poor mental health.
Being present physically and mentally present, although very different, are essential for integral members of a team to not only perform their duties, but perform them well. The concept of being physically present is fairly simple. This requires nothing more than the individual being in a place. If we take a step back and think about this, everyone can see that each individual is always physically present. But this short definition leaves out responsibilities and obligations. If we were to add Army standards, our definition changes; to be physically present in the Army you need to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform.…

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