Becoming A Social Worker For A Foster Parent Essays

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Becoming a social worker can be very gratifying; I felt this satisfaction when I was an intern at Eggleston Family Services, a foster care and adoption agency. One of the foster parents assigned to my caseload was going to submit a two-week notice to transfer a foster child to a different placement. I was in disbelief that a foster parent would easily abandon a minor just because the child did not want to complete their chores. The foster parent only saw the child’s flaws and setbacks. I sat down with the foster parent and explained that the minor has many good qualities and attributes. She is very intelligent performing well academically. We all sat together to discuss the problem occurring in the home. In the end, the foster parent decided to give minor another opportunity and the foster child promise to comply with the caregiver’s rules. Social workers help individuals, families, and groups restore or enhance their capacity for social functioning. Social workers accomplish this objective by connecting their clients to resources and by advocating on the client 's behalf. Social workers assist a diverse population with life’s most difficult challenges, including: abuse, discrimination, poverty, addiction, mental illness and unemployment. Social workers are guided by using the National Association of Social Worker Code of Ethics. The core values are the foundation of a social work conduct and purpose. The first core value is service. Service is to provide the clients with…

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