Essay on Becoming A Safe Environment For Youths

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From an early age I had a desire to work with people from the humanitarian standpoint of counseling. My goal is to create a safe environment for youths, as well as others in my community. I am attending Empire State College to complete my Bachelors Degree in Social Science under Community and Human Services with a concentration in Criminal Justice. This is my fifth semester and during this time I have gained many tools that have helped me to make a positive impact within society and around my peers. A Degree in Community and Human Services studies will allow me to explore particular areas of interest such as Criminal Justice and other topics that interest me. It will train me how to gain the aptitude and develop principles, familiarity and proficiency essential to understanding. In addition it will provide me with the essential means that contribute to the progress and maintenance of healthy communities, groups and individuals. With the help of my mentor I will meet the specific needs and goals for this program.
Academics has become an integral platform for my discovery of the sheer enjoyment of learning and comprehension of new ideas, as opposed to just doing assignments or taking tests to get a good grade or just to get a better GPA. The next semester will mark the beginning of a new chapter within my educational experiences, with new challenges that lie ahead and more knowledge to be achieved. There are several studies that are essential to me to acquiring my Bachelor…

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