Becoming A Registered Nurse Is An Amazing Job Essay

1373 Words May 14th, 2015 6 Pages
Have you thought about what you want to do when you finish high school? I believe becoming a registered nurse would be such an incredible job. Going into nursing gives you so many opportunities in life. When you finally become a nurse, you are able to help those in need, like giving them treatments if they are ill. Nursing is one of the majors that has been around for a lifetime and is one of the most in demand profession. For a while, nursing use to just be used for those who were sick without any family or close friends to take care of them in their time of need. Men and women served as nurses in the Revolutionary War(Collier). In 1872, New England hospital opened a nursing school with a curriculum of one year(Collier). I specifically choose this occupation to talk about because I have lost three very close and important people in my life to cancer and my goal is to become a nurse to help those who are suffering and are in need of treatment. No family should have to lose a loved one and I would love to be that person who keeps families together. A lot of people talk about wanting to become a nurse all through high school, but only a few actually go through college for nursing and finish nursing school. In California, there are approximately 291,448 registered nurses, 80,544 Licensed Practical Nurses. In the United States, there is about 3.083, 487 registered nurses and about 833,840 Licensed Practical Nurses. That’s a total of 3,916,967 nurses in the United States. There…

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