Becoming A Police Officer Is Not An Easy Road Essay

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Public service is very honorable, although any career in public service is righteous policing Is a career that calls my name. despite the many controversial issues that revolve around police officers and policing I truly believe that police officers are here to help. becoming a police officer is not an easy road, although the job only requires a high school diploma further education is expected, not only do You have to be educated, but you have to be diverse and well rounded because of the different people and different situations you face every day. Aside from it being an honorable career as a police officers salary accommodates you well.

The only educational requirement for becoming a police officer is a high school diploma, although most occupations have certain requirements, including related on-the-job experience, training in vocational schools, or an associate’s degree. It is essential for the applicant to “… [meet the] demanding physical qualifications [to become a] police officer.” Including, before being admitted, ”… applicants must achieve a passing score on the entrance exam.” For the entrance exam, it varies by jurisdiction, although some tests include Compass, Law Enforcement Exam, and Asset. The necessity for the job is the comprehension of; Law and Government, Public Safety and Security, English Language, tPsychology, Customer and Personal Service. The understanding of Law and Government is to have the knowledge of laws, legal codes, and government…

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