Becoming A Police Officer And My Father Essay examples

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“Put your hands up!” I exclaimed, pretending I was a police officer and my father was a criminal whom I had to arrest. Fighting crime, arresting bad guys, making the streets safer, protecting and serving— that is my dream. I would make a difference in people’s lives: kids would be inspired to reach for the stars, parents would rest easy knowing that I am keeping the streets crime-free, and criminals would cower in their homes fearing the day I bring them to justice. But, in order to obtain the privilege of working as an officer, I will have to train extensively. This profession requires a strong physical aptitude, a critical mind, and an innate instinct to dedicate one’s life for the lives of others.

Becoming a police officer starts with extensive, rigorous training at the Police Academy. Red signs are propped all along the grounds— warning cadets to forfeit and abandon their dream. With the mentality that “only the best of the best will survive,” countless cadets will refuse to lose any faith in themselves; their valor will carry them through this training. And mine will do the same. When I walk up to the academy grounds, I will suck as much air into my lungs as possible and begin my training. Almost instantaneously, sergeants and captains with bright scarlet faces will swarm me and begin to yell and shout— demanding responses to endless questions: who am I, why am I here, am I ready to quit. My life as a public servant will have just begun: cardio, yelling, weight…

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