Essay on Becoming A General Practitioner - Careers

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"Become a General Practitioner - Careers - The College Board." Big Future by The College
Board. The College Board, n.d. Web. 2 Nov. 2015.
The College Board’s website page for a career as a general practitioner was divided into five sections. These sections explain what one should be ready for as a general practitioner, the characteristics and strengths that general practitioners have, how to prepare for the career in high school, the job outlook, and compensation. This website provides an overview of becoming a general practitioner; however, it does not go into extensive detail. This website is useful for my research topic because it provides a negative job outlook, compared to other sources that stated a positive job outlook for the profession. It also informs about the places where there will be more jobs available.
Celenza, Antonio, Jude Bharath, and Jason Scop. "Improving the Attractiveness of an
Emergency Medicine Career to Medical Students: An Exploratory Study." Emergency
Medicine Australasia 24.6 (2012): 625-633. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Nov.
This scholarly article, written by a portion of Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee, show statistics of the attractiveness of emergency medicine towards medical students, consultants, and registrars. Modifiable factors in emergency medicine that are considered important in career choice were work-life balance, job security, and flexibility. However, medical students had a negative perception towards…

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