Becoming A Doctor As Doctor Essay

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Becoming a Doctor
I decided I wanted to become a doctor less than a year ago. Arriving at college back in August, I was still skeptical about whether or not it was truly what I wanted to do with my life considering my only reason for becoming a doctor was that I liked the human anatomy and helping people. However, this course and its various intriguing readings and lectures have provided me with significant insight to the world of medicine beyond the basis of diagnoses and prescriptions. The information about the numerous aspects of medicine in the articles we have read have only fueled my interest in becoming a doctor by giving me the proper information on what the job of being a doctor truly entails.
Ever since I can remember I have seen myself as a science oriented person, with little to no interest in the humanities aspect of life. Consequently, C. P. Snow’s piece on the sciences versus the humanities was extremely intriguing. Snow believes that “there seems…to be no place where the cultures meet” (Snow 17). Snow presents the idea that if the scientists and humanists work together, the world’s less fortunate and poverty ridden nations will be able to escape their destitution. This is something the healers of the world are working towards. With organizations like Doctors Without Borders, which is a group that goes to foreign countries to provide medical treatment to those people in countries without access to healthcare, doctors have already begun forming the bridge…

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