Becoming A Cosmetologist : The Application Of Beauty Or Cosmetic Treatment

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A Cosmetologist is a person whom specializes in the application of beauty or cosmetic treatment. Not only does a cosmetologist have to know how to do hair but, he or she must also have good customer service skills and be willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy a client. This is all taught in cosmetology school, in which I will mention in my essay. In my research I have also found that becoming a cosmetologist can be rewarding. When I say rewarding, I’m referring to the excitement of making a good living and meeting new people. One downfall I have found about becoming a cosmetologist is the overhead. Meaning the money that has to be paid out in order to stay in this line of work.
To start, a cosmetologist’s salary and income depends on the location of his or her shop, clientele, hours worked, as well as the competition of other salons around that particular location. The statistics of Bureau of Labor say the median salary of cosmetologist is about $22,500 a year. However, NACCAS and the United States Department of Labor say the average salary for a cosmetologist will increase in the future. This increase, not including commission and tips, would make the salary for a cosmetologist average around $55,000 yearly. In some salons bonuses are given to stylist who bring in the most business. My mentor, Lorretta has stated that she often makes $450 per week working Thursday through Saturday. Coming out of the weekly salary is the cost of her weekly booth rent and all of her own…

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