Bechdel Test

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Today some of Hollywood’s movies don’t pass the Bechdel test. What exactly is a Bechdel test? It is a test to see if movies pass the three requirements. The first requirement is it must have at least two women in it, second who talk to each other, and third about something other than a man. This test is a type of litmus test to assess the presence of women in movies. So with that the three movies that I chose to watch were Friends with Benefits, Sweet home Alabama, and Gone Girl. I chose three movies to see if they will pass the Bchdel test. And another thing that I will be talking about is why this test matters, and what the movies display about American culture. The first movie that I watched was Friends with benefits. This movie did …show more content…
This movie also passes the Bechdel test. This movie is about a woman named Amy who runs away from her own husband to find freedom and find herself. As being the main character of this movie, it shows that women who are in an abusive relationship can always get out of one and end up having a happy life. It shows women that they can be strong and brave in terrible situations. One thing I believe why it passes the Bechdel test because it displays women winning a battle against her husband. It also displays that both genders can be and are equal in social, economical, and political. Gone Girl also changed it up by Amy not being your stereotypical loyal, devoted wife that most of society would display her to be. There is more than one women character displayed in Gone Girl. Greta is a woman that Amy talks to while she ran away. Greta and Amy didn’t just talk about boys, but they talked about the situation Amy was in. Greta was the one girl who could beat Amy at her own game of controlling the situation. I believe that it was cool the way the came up with Gone Girl rather than having “Cool Girl” due to how it displays women. It displays them as the way society sees women, and they wanted to display strong, smart, and brave women so they went with “Gone

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