Breakfast At Tiffanys Film Analysis

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The representation of women in film has drastically changed throughout the decades due to feminist movements and the overall transition of society. Women have always been set upon a certain expectation and stereotype, as being passive and lady-like, but as time has past, so did these perspectives. Holly Golightly is the female lead in Breakfast at Tiffany’s who rejects the traditional ideals of women by being single and independent, living a life that did not reflect how women actually lived in the 1960’s. The Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect reflect an even greater change of the conventional woman by being an all-female acapella group that has women of different sizes, sexuality, and willpower to overcome their all-male competitors. The representation …show more content…
Aubrey, the captain of the group, expected the new member of the Bellas to be uniform and have “bikini-perfect bodies,” but those views changed when they did not have anyone join, and ended up with a group of girls that are different size, race, and sexuality. In contrast with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pitch Perfect portrays women in a broader light by bringing up these differences and representing many diverse female characters. The gender roles in this film challenges the idea that women cannot do as good of a job as men can in a male dominated field. In a report on gender roles and occupations, Stacy L. Smith, Marc Choueiti, Ashley Prescott, and Katherine Pieper, emphasizes that “higher percentage of males (57.8%) than females (31.6%) are depicted with an occupation in the media” (2). Even though this may be the case, the Barden Bellas have girls who are just as good as men in male dominated fields. Beca, the main protagonist, is a talented girl who wants to become a DJ and be involved in the music industry. Also, Lilly is the beatboxer of the Barden Bellas. She may be timid, but she is just as talented as her male counterparts. As the Barden Bellas and their male rival group, the Treblemakers, are in the bus, Lilly follows Donald’s, Treblemakers’ beatboxer, beatboxing in just one listen. (01:11:47). Just like there were gender roles, there were also expectations that the Barden Bellas have to have women with thin perfect bodies while wearing conservative clothes, singing the same song in every competition. However, as new people started to join the acapella group, the group began to come out with new concepts and along with that there were many women of different sizes. A character in

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