Should Beauty Pageants Be Allowed

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A beauty pageant is a form of public entertainment consisting of a procession of people in elaborate, colorful costumes. Many pageants consist of females usually up to the age of eighteen. The girls get dolled up backstage with loads of makeup, spray tans, hair extensions, veneers, and other essentials to enhance their body appearance. After covering up their natural appearance, they set off to the stage to compete where they show off their costumes to a crowd of people and multiple judges. The judging is based on confidence, personality, intelligence and beauty. While being a part of beauty pageants does not seem all that unacceptable, the reality behind them leads to the reasons why child pageants should not be allowed. Although child beauty pageants are currently popular in the public sphere, children under the age of thirteen should not be allowed to compete …show more content…
While not a bad idea, it teaches self-confidence in the wrong way. These little kids are having to starve themselves and go on diets just to win a contest. It is unhealthy and can cause eating disorders in the child 's future (5 Reasons Child Pageants Are Bad for Kids).. It is as well extremely wrong for a child to starve and push themselves genuinely hard in the gym just to impress someone that they do not even know for approximately five minutes. The pageants convince girls at a young age that external beauty is more important than the quality of their character (Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned). While teaching them self-confidence, they need to know that the inside matters more than the outside. Character plays an important role in self-confidence. Just because a person looks good does not mean that they are a good person on the inside. The children should be taught how to love themselves for how they look without makeup and diets rather than being forced to do these things in order to love

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