Batman Vs. Superman Sucked

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Why Batman VS. Superman Sucked

Despite making hundreds of millions of dollars Batman VS. Superman actually kinda sucked. The plot was very slow and the title of the movie was actually slightly deceiving. Unlike what was expected, Batman VS. Superman ended up being focused alot on politics and bartering.

The movie starts off and you quickly see Batman start to develop anger towards Superman. Batman Blames Superman for the havoc that was caused in metropolis and other places in the past. Batman then has a dream of leading rebels to fight against superman and at that point he decides that he has to kill Superman. Most people would agree that Batman's reasoning behind wanting to kill Superman is kinda stupid. Superman never did anything to
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Luthor agrees only to release Superman's mother if he brings him Batmans head. Superman then storms in, underestimating Batman, not knowing that he has the weaponized kryptonite. After they throw each other against walls for an unsatisfying 5 minutes, Batman pulls out a staff tipped with a lethal amount of weaponized kryptonite. Right before Batman is about to finish off Superman, Superman pleads to “save martha”. Batman becomes very confused by this because Martha is the name of Batman’s Mother and he soon finds out that it's also Superman's mother's name. Batman then all of sudden comes to the realization that Superman isn't all that bad. So after all the hype They then join forces to save Superman's mother from where she is being held hostage. Luthor, then all of a sudden unleashes a monstrous creature called Doomsday made with Kryptonian technology. Batman and Superman then have to fight together to try kill the Doomsday creature. And did i mention that they were accompanied by wonderwoman? Eventually Superman becomes very weak because of the high levels of kryptonite in the water. But he chooses to take the spear and drive it through the monster. In the process the monster is killed and superman is made into a kabob by one of the monsters pointy horns. He appears to be dead but some signs would point in other directions. Overall the movie was very disappointing. Many parts were too drawn out and other

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