Essay On Bat Experience

We are incapable to precisely conceive the idea of being a bat. We can point out the physical aspects of bat life, but we cannot point out the bat experience. According to Nagel, the conscious experience can occur at many levels of animal life. However, there is no evidence to provide assurance that it is present in simpler organisms [i.e bats] (436). If an organism experience and/or feel pain then that organism have a conscious. So for the purpose of this paper, we will consider that bats have experience and consciousness. Since we are on the topic of consciousness and experience, Nagel is hinting at the comparison of how bats perceive the environment and how humans perceive the environment. Nagel states that “ We know that most bats perceive the external world primarily by sonar, or echolocation… of their our rapid, subtly modulated, high-frequency shriek.A bat is designed to connect the outgoing impulses with the subsequent echoes, and the information thus acquired enables the bats to make precise discriminations of distance, size, shape, motion, and texture comparable to those we make by vision (438). Since we humans depend on sight to have an understanding of our universe and bats depend on sound, we cannot make any perfect connection in experience. Therefore, …show more content…
Consider the possibility that the cognizant part of a bat is the same than the awareness of a person. Why must we stick to Nagels presupposition that being a bat is not the same as being a human. This does not imply that a bat 's insight is on a similar level of a human or that bats can think at all or that bats can even have an indistinguishable encounters from a man. I am trying to say that if a bat has a cognizant personality then why ought to the genuine cognizant perspective be not the same as that of an individual? Perhaps once this cognizant perspective is clarified then we will have the capacity to really realize what it resembles to be a

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