Basketball Is The Game That I Love Essay

1979 Words May 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Everyone has a goal in life, and each goal can be met if the effort is put in to achieve these goals. Goals can either be physical accomplishments, mental, or even social. The only way a person can meet their goal is by deciding whether they want to put the effort in or not. To some, they might think their dreams will come to them easily, or they will just be given whatever they wish to receive, but I have learned that is not the case. Through basketball, school, and home, I have learned that effort is rewarding. Basketball is the game that I love. There is nothing I would rather be doing than either playing a pickup game with my friends or playing the fast-paced game under head coach Mark Collins. My love for the game developed when I first started playing in third grade, when I was eight years old. The day of the first intramurals practice I was so scared because all of my friends were telling me that the coach was really mean. When I got off the bus and entered the gymnasium there were kids everywhere, screaming, and trying to shoot three pointers. Then I saw him, the older, bigger coach, Kerry Pelletier. He called me over and asked what my name was and I told him, and he said it was very nice to meet me and told me to go get changed. As I entered the locker room, deodorant and body odor lingered in the air. When I was fully changed and out of the locker room, was when I first really fell in love with the game. I loved the fundamentals, even though when I was younger I…

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