Basketball Is The Art Of Shooting Essay

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One of the main focal points of the game of basketball is the art of shooting. Basketball was originally founded in 1891 by an inventor named James Naismith. Naismith was a canadian that came south to pursue his education in physical education. In his time working at a YMCA, (Young Men’s Christian Association) training school, Naismith wanted to create a game that athletes could play during the winter. The game of basketball started as just five players on each team trying to toss a soccer ball into peach baskets that were nailed to balconies at each end of the gym. When a basket was made, the game was then pause for a man on a ladder to retrieve the soccer ball out of the basket. The new game expanded quickly throughout the networks of the YMCA’s and which now has developed into the NBA. In order to shoot the basketball you need to do the following steps: gather supplies, learn the proper shooting form, and having the right mindset.
First thing to becoming a good shooter is by having all the appropriate supplies to preform. You need a basket, a basketball, and comfortable clothes and sneakers to move around on the court. There are many basketball courts around to play at. You can either go to a park, gym, or even you own driveway if you want to purchase your own basket. You would then need a basketball to shoot in the basket. There are all different variations of basketballs; there are small and large ones for either girls or guys, different textures for playing fields…

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