Basketball Layout Analysis

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For this assignment, I have selected the skill of a basketball lay-up. I perform an task analysis of the skill along with highlight key topics such as motivation, practice format, and identifying errors. To successfully perform a lay-up, one must build up force by using their arms, hips, knees, ankles and applying the appropriate amount of that force in the direction of the hoop at the correct angle resulting in the ball going through the basket. The learner for this skill will be an adolescent female. The learner will have some experience with basketball, but will be introduced to a lay-up, the location will be in a gym with a hard wood basketball court. The environment will only consist of myself and the learner. This will be
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There are two types of motor abilities per Fleishmen’s model: perceptual and physical. Some perceptual motor abilities required to perform a lay-up are: multi-limb coordination, control precision, rate control, manual dexterity, finger dexterity, arm hand steadiness and visual acuity. Some physical motors abilities required to perform a lay-up are: dynamic strength and muscular endurance. Some decisions that pupil must make when approaching the lay-up are: how to approach the basket? Where on the backboard is the target? When to make the jump? When to take the shot? What part of the skill requires the most …show more content…
From the side, I can see every step in the lay-up process. I can count their steps, watch their release and how they land after the release. Lay-ups are complex open skills; errors in execution are common. Traveling, or taking 3 steps towards the basketball instead of 2 which results in the taking off the wrong foot, is a violation. As practitioner, to correct that error I will take the ball, make her walk and instruct the learner to perform the first two basic steps without a ball repeatedly. Then, I will incorporate the knee drive following the two steps. Another common movement error is hand placement when bringing the ball upward for the release. As practitioner, to correct that error I will have learner practice bringing the ball up from the right hip to where they would release the ball. Once mastered, I will incorporate the “flicking of the wrist”. Another common movement error the shooting the shot with two hands. Using one had to take the shot corrects principle of direction and force applied. I would have the learner tap a ball on the wall at a mark to build accuracy and muscular

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