Basic Rules Of Conduct For Successful Customer Relations Essay

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INTRODUCTIONS It is obvious that in order to have a successful business it is important to keep the customers satisfied. Using basic rules of conduct will ensure good customer relations, but there are more to customer relations than just being courteous and respectful. What happens when you follow all the rules of good conduct but you are still having problems with customer communications? This paper addresses what is necessary to make sure clients and customers keep coming back to do business.

BASIC RULES OF CONDUCT The five basic rules of conduct for successful customer relations are fairly well known common sense rules. Knowing your customer, treating them with respect and communicating with them effectively are all important issues. Avoiding unresponsive behavior and taking responsibility for your customer are two more basic rules that the good businessperson inherently understands. But what happens when all of these tenets are followed and there are still communication issues with clients or customers? Does this mean something was done wrong, or that these basic rules of conduct are somehow obsolete? When all of the basics are followed and there is still a customer relations problem, what more can be done to ensure a happy customer?

ENSURING SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMER RELATIONS There is much more to ensuring successful customer relations than being courteous and maintaining open communication. Customers need to have exemplary service and feel that they are…

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