Essay about Baseball Is What We Have Become

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About Youth Baseball “Baseball is what we were. Football is what we have become.” said Mary McGrory, is a liberal American journalist and columnist from the 1950’s (Mendell). She made this statement during the time that people of all ages were losing interest and feeling the competitiveness of the game. As time went on, people began realizing that the baseball league for boys ages twelve to eighteen was beginning to be too competitive. Boys are starting to lose interest in baseball and that may lead to the loss of the game in at least the U.S. “Well, we all know how competitive a game baseball is” (Reynolds). Baseball is competitive and it is not entirely bad that it is. There is still a point when it is too competitive considering coaches have tricked people, blindsided others, and done things that may have been strategic, but were still illegal, and that is a little much (Reynolds). Coaches are supposed to be mature and responsible adults that are setting an example for the boys and teaching them how to act as mature teens. The boys should know what good sportsmanship is and how to properly display it, but many coaches do not enforce anything. Some coaches encourage the rude behavior. “A coach from Illinois complained a team named Jackie Robinson had a rigged roster, these are decisions made by the adult leadership of the team that hurts the players of the team” (Reynolds). These boys on baseball teams all over the U.S. are seeing these behaviors from their coaches and…

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