Baseball Is An American Pastime Essay

1207 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
For our first promotion Family Night, the organization wants to target families within the area. Baseball is an American pastime, and what a better way to spend a hot summer night than watching a baseball game. Families could see attending a minor league baseball game as a cheap night full of entertainment. The organization is offering a meal package with the purchase of four tickets. Families will receive four Friendly Franks and four medium drinks. Our proud sponsor, Friendly’s will provide the hot dogs, while our organization will provide the free drinks. The organization has also decided to offer half price tickets to parents whose children wear their little league jerseys to the game. To top off a great family night out, children will be allowed to run the bases at the end of the game. Allowing children to run around the bases is a cheap, yet fun incentive and it will not cost anything for the organization. As mentioned in project one, the organization is trying to target families. This promotion is made specifically to reach the families within the area. It will cost Friendly’s a total of $11,461 for their Friendly Franks. This number came from our seating capacity of 3,650, times by the average cost of a hot dog, which is $3.14. It will cost the organization a total of $10,950. The cost came from taking the seating capacity 3,650, times the average cost of a soda, which is $3.00. In 2016, the summer is packed with major blockbuster superhero movies. The…

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