Barack Obama 's President Obama Essay

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Two Candidates that are representing the Democratic party is Hillary clinton she is really

close to our current president president Barack Obama, most of the time she agrees in what the

president does. January 2009 Clinton was sworn in and became secretary of state because

president Obama appointed her, she served until 2013 that's when announced of running for

president. If Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election she will become the first woman to be

president of the United States. Immigration is a big thing because many people are scared of

national security, but Clinton plan is to fight for a immigration reform and equal citizenship, she

will also defend obama's DACA and DAPA executive action you probably thinking of what is

DACA? and what does it stand for. DACA stands for Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals

this is a immigration policy in the united states that gives the opportunity for illegal immigrants

that came to the united states before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 and gives them

renewable two-year permit and exemption from deportation. DAPA stands for Deferred Action

for Parental Accountability which is another immigration policy that grants deferred action status

on certain illegal immigrants who lives in the united states, of course not everyone is eligible for

this two immigration policies. Another thing Hillary Clinton, will promote naturalization and

expand affordable healthcare to many families. Another big things…

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