What Is The Importance Of The Electoral College Essay

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We should hold this truth to be self-evident: that we, the people, have not held up our end of the “social contract” between us and our government. Perhaps our disenfranchisement with the government is one of our own making. Perhaps our role in government needs to go beyond mere obligations, or even participation. And perhaps the emerging divide between the government of the people, by the people, and for the people with those very people can be ameliorated by something as simple as education. As per the aforementioned words of former Prime Minister Churchill, it is incontrovertible that an educated voting populace lies at the very heart of any democratic country. Here in the United States, we extol ourselves for being part of a democracy so beautifully detailed in our Constitution in which every citizen has his or her own …show more content…
Yet what lies at paramount importance is that this individual is voted to office, albeit through the Electoral College, by the American people. And yet, aside from what the media and the political parties tell the American people, do presidential constituents truly understand what exactly they are electing the President to do and what powers this President has in office? When people or pundits or politicians criticize the President, the person voted into office by an electoral majority of the American people, they have an obligation to do so with a thorough understanding of what exactly the Constitution and historical precedents have dictated for the President to do. Now more so than in recent memory, the power of the executive branch has come under scrutiny and the extent of Presidential power questioned. However, in order to derive an adequate assessment of this argument, one must become educated and versed in what exactly the President can do and has done. The “executive Power” as described in Article II refers directly to that which is wielded by the President. Building upon Article I’s explanation of a presidential veto,

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