Essay Barack Clinton 's President Clinton

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The United States needs an outstanding president who will be willing to put their best effort to make the greatest for our Country. The best candidate would be Hillary Clinton, she has proven that she’s the candidate who can take on tough fights and get things done. But that’s not the only reason she should be our next president. Clinton will make a positive change in economy, taxes and immigration.
Hillary Clinton has a position as a candidate and knows where she stands with all her promises to our Country. Hillary promises to improve the United States economy. Hillary lets us know that she will reduce taxes for hard working families and deserve tax relief. That 's why I support Hillary Clinton which makes sure millionaires do not pay lower rates in taxes. The Con in Economy is that Clinton will “crack down on the banks by assessing a risk fee and forcing them to have to comply with Dodd-Frank and tougher regulations Z” ( Hillary 2016). Hillary promises that she will cut taxes for families that work hard every day to increase their take home pay as they face rising costs from child care, health care, and for the money they spent for sending their kids to college. “The pro for economy and taxes priority must be reforming our Countries tax code first” (Hillary 2016). Hard working families need and deserve tax relief. Second, those at the top have to pay a higher amount. “Successful companies benefit from everything that America has to offer, and should not be able to avoid…

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