Analysis Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton's Policy On Immigration

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Immigration has recently become the center of the presidential debates, and every candidate is trying to offer up the best position regarding this topic. For instance, the democrats maintain a low profile on their stance because many, such as Hillary Clinton, believe immigration is be something we should allow more of. While the republicans, excluding Jeb Bush, strongly support the strengthening of our immigration laws. That being said, Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is the most popular amongst Republican Americans. This is because he promises to build a wall large enough that there would be no chance of illegal immigration. Today I would like to discuss Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s stance on immigration, what I personally think …show more content…
She is basically the only reasonable major candidate that may have a chance to become president. Her stance on immigration is very lenient; she wants what is best for everyone and has even stated that “she would like to see immigrants have a path to citizenship” (Fact check). Unlike other candidates, she possesses the rare ability to see the good in everyone, especially the Hispanic travelers from our neighbor country Mexico. Hilary has even gone in front of a group of Hispanics stating, "Latinos make America stronger. You make America smarter. You make America more creative and innovative” (Immigration group 's protester). She believes immigrants, more commonly Hispanics, are improving our society rather than destroying it. Her stance on the term “anchor baby” is also a reason I find her to be more humane than the republican candidates. Donald Trump will often use the term “anchor baby” to refer to foreigners coming here and having children to obtain citizenship. Donald Trump looks to do away with allowing those individuals to obtain citizenship by having “anchor babies”. Hilary Clinton’s response to this was that, "It is a problem when candidates use offensive terms like 'anchor babies ' or even talk about changing the Constitution to take citizenship away from those who were born here" (Immigration group 's

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