Political Rhetoric: Hillary Clinton

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Political Rhetoric The 2016 presidential election is in less than ten days away and everyone seems to have a problem with democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and republican candidate Donald Trump. These two presidential candidates have spoken to their people about the making our economy great, working together, and making America great again. Even though, these candidates are speaking from their heart the many things they promise can be false and even be persuaded. Hillary Clinton, whose husband was president of the United States in 1993 through 2001, has been very successful grabbing the people 's attention with the many speeches she has given. Because she has lived in the white House before, I feel like she knows what she is doing and knows …show more content…
On the political ad the way they use plain folks is when Hillary Clinton talks about everyone and points out our family. Seconds into the video Hillary states that “we need to build a strong economy for everyone and not just the people who are at the top.” What she means by this that if she becomes president of the United States one of her many goals for our country is to build up the economy and make sure everyone has a future and no one will be left behind; additionally, she states that the economy will not only benefit the rich. Moving forward she then proceeds to state that “create an economy that develops more jobs for a family to live on”(Clinton). This means that Mrs. Clinton will create jobs that pay well and no one will ever struggle in paying rent, bills, and other expenses. The main focus of this ad is introducing the many plans Mrs. clinton has in stored for the United States, but she makes it very clear that her main purpose is to serve the people individually, and their families. Hillary Clinton is doing this for all the women, men, and children because she is aware that all these individuals can do wonders in a world that is filled with many opportunities. Another propaganda strategy that Hillary Clinton is using is fear. The way she illustrates fear on her ad is the use of Donald Trump’s rude comments. We are all aware of the kind of person Donald Trump 's is, and we have seen the way his people treat the many protesters who have gone and protest. Also we have seen the violence that occurs in his rallies, for example, being hit by republican people, pushed or dragged around like a rag doll, and lastly being made fun of because of our race, ethnicity, and our disabilities. Even though, Donald Trump is not physical with anyone at his rallies we have seen that man be a big bully and encourages violence. The clips that are shown on the ad is when Mr. Trump states,

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