Essay Ban The Abuser, Not The Breed

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“Ban the Abuser, Not the Breed” In the animal world Pit bulls are victims of discrimination. The second someone hears the word pit bull they become frightened. A lot of times you will hear on the news that some one had been bit by a dog. Know matter what kind of dog had bit some one, the news shows a picture of a Pit Bull. This is not fair. These animals are no different then any other large breed of dogs. Yet because of some foolish people who take a pit bull puppy, isolate it, starve it, antagonize it, and simply raise it for the sole purpose to fight it for money, there is now the concern to ban this breed. It is not the breed of dog that should be ban. It is the group of people that organize these dog fights. If you are a dog or even an animal lover, please hear me when I say, “help stop the abuse of pit bulls.” “Although negative information about pit bulls is widespread and, when a negative news story occurs, highly publicized, there are also many positive stories. Some work in hospitals and care facilities as certified therapy dogs, many are well-loved family pets, and some have even saved peoples lives. There are many incidences of pit bulls being productively employed by U.S. Customs , as police K9s. Often pit bulls have been reported to "adopt" other species of animals (such as kittens or squirrels), and are often very motherly towards small children, earning the breed the nickname "nanny dog".” (wikipedia). We as animal lovers…

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