Ban on Public Smoking at the National Mall Essay

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Ban on Public Smoking at the National Mall
Regardless of location, everyone deserves to have certain liberties. As long as these liberties do not impede upon the liberties or safety of others, then they should be exercised within reason. Everyone has a right to choose which risks they will take and which they will not. Smoking poses safety, environmental, and social consequences. Because everyone deserves the right to choose which consequences and health hazards they want to be exposed to, all outdoor public smoking on the National Mall should be banned.
The safety hazard that public smoking poses is second hand smoke. Because of the wind and elements that outdoor smokers are exposed to, outdoor smoking in public places causes drifting
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As the future of society, they should have examples that model what the future should look like. Smoking undoubtedly causes lung cancer and many other health concerns. To expose a child to images of smokers is the choice of the parent and should not be left to the public. By smoking in public areas, especially those that are family and school attractions like the National Mall, children are not only exposed to the health hazards of second hand smoke, but they are also exposed to the unhealthy images that can mislead them to think that smoking is “cool”. Limiting their exposure to smokers will de-normalize the image for them. Additionally, children may be exposed to the littering and harmful effects that public smoking has on the appearance of the Mall as well as the effects it has on wildlife. Parents who travel to the Mall should be able to enjoy their experience without exposure to the adverse practices of others.
Yes, parents can choose what images and impressions they leave with their children whether it pertains to media, people, or habits. There are some parents who are smokers and it is still their choice whether they choose to expose their children to it, not the choice of others. However, as a student visitor to the National Mall, not only is a choice not given to go on a field trip (because a grade may be pending an assignment that this trip completes) on which second hand smoke exposure could happen, but the impression that

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