Essay about Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

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Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving
Amber R. Muniz
Kaplan University

Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving A cell phone wielding driver weaving in and out of traffic and drifting across lanes, because they are completely distracted by the device in their hand, may be all too familiar. When using a cell phone while driving, it impairs the persons driving abilities as much as a person with a 0.08 blood alcohol level. Think of the drivers that you pass daily; how many were using cell phones? Imagine if all of those drivers were drinking instead of using their cell phones behind the wheel. Cell phone use while driving is dangerous because it causes slower response time and reduces the situational awareness of the driver. The best
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Some people believe that when you are issued a driver’s license that the Department of Transportation is giving you the responsibility to drive safely, so they should be able to choose if they want to use a cell phone while driving no matter how dangerous it can be. In other words these people believe that they should have the choice to be able to do anything they please to do while driving. It has been proven that this epidemic on using cell phones while driving is not safe. Just like drinking and driving is not safe and illegal. We have laws such as this to prevent accidents and keep our communities safe.

Many people believe that cellphone bans while driving are simply not enforceable. Currently there are cell phone bans on all military bases and also in some school zones. There has not been a problem in enforcing the ban in these locations, so why would it be difficult to enforce the ban in other locations? Detecting a driver using a cell phone would be easier than trying to detect whether the driver is or has been drinking because it is obvious that the driver is looking at or has the cell phone held up to their ear. Punishments for violating this ban could be driver's license restrictions, fines, mandatory attendance of defensive driver's education classes, community service, or probation.

Cell phones have rapidly become part of the daily lives of millions of people. Many of people talk, text, and respond to e-mails

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