Baking Essay

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Topic: Baking
I. Cake
a. Cakes are made by various ingredients
b. Other baked goods could be classified as a cake
c. Often cakes are found at many celebrations
II. Bread
a. The invention of the yeast bread was an accident
b. The history of dark bread was consumed by poor people
c. Bread is prominent in some religious ceremonies
Topic Sentence 1 We all eat cake!
Topic Sentence 2 Bread is a staple in many households.

Paragraph 1 Most times when we think of cake, we think of birthdays and weddings. Cakes can often be found at any holiday celebration. In the Roman period, only the wealthiest people had cake. It was made with the most expensive and exquisite ingredients that could be found. By the
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The lower your social stature, the darker the bread was. Only the wealthiest ate the more refined white bread. In today’s society, we have seen that this is reversed. The darker breads offer a higher nutritional value, so they tend be more expensive. Bread is also consumed during some religious ceremonies. The Lord’s Prayer says “Give us our daily bread”. This means to give us a moral sustenance in life.
I chose descriptive strategy to develop the paragraphs. I am not very good at narrating things. It is easier for me to describe things to someone. Trying to do this assignment, I was met with a lot of writer’s block. I chose the approach of researching the history of my subtopics in hopes I could find inspiration. In completing my final assignment; I would like to break down my paragraphs a little more. I would like to be able to see some of the components defined and more in depth. In order for me to do this, I need to dissect my paragraph and make them smaller. When writing my topic sentence before the paragraph, I felt I was stuck on that sentence and it wasn’t allowing me to think freely. I have never taken this approach before when writing. I have always just started writing then added in all of the pieces afterwards. With some practice and different subject matter, I think starting with a topic sentence would be very beneficial to me and make my writing

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