Background Music Effects In Advertising

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Effects of background music endings on consumer memory in advertising.

The use of music in advertising is extremely strategic, as it allows marketers to connect with their audience on an emotional level, influence the consumer 's purchase intention and help consumers retain information about the product. In this study, the researchers hypothesised that the ability of consumers to recall advertising products and messages, is impacted by the style of endings used in background music. At the time this research article was conducted, no other studies had been undertaken to help understand what effect the endings of background music used in advertisements has on consumer memory.

The 521 young Italian consumers (37% males; aged 18-27) who participated
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The data indicated that 82% of participants were able to recall the advertised product when the background music ended regularly. The data then proceeded to show a decreasing trend, with the consumers being less able to recall the product and advertised message when a faded out (66%) or truncated ending (48%) was used. Therefore, the research indicates that the ability to recall the advertisements message accurately, was highest when the background music had a regular ending. However, the research presented some significant limitations in the methodology. As the research was conducted in Italy, the obtained results couldn’t necessarily be generalized to other non-Western markets. Further studies could replicate this work in non-Western countries, to examine if the ability to recall information differs with other cultures musical characteristics and structures. Another limitation is that the study was conducted on one media platform. Further studies could use other advertising platforms, such as television or internet advertisements, to examine whether the ability to recall advertising information occurs in various forms of advertising.

Do disgusting and fearful anti-smoking advertisements increase or decrease support for tobacco control
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The first style, seeking to evoke fear plus disgust, showed confrontational footage of deformed lungs, fatty substances being squeezed out of an artery, and several other disgust provoking elements. The second style, fear only, showed advertisements with lower levels of disgust, such as advertisements that show the dangers of smoking through visual effects, or smoker testimonials. The final style, a control condition, showed mildly positive advertisements, advertising products such as nicotine patches. After watching the advertisements, the respondents answered a series of questions that asked their thoughts regarding tobacco control

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