Background Checks Have Their Good And Bad Qualities Essay examples

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BACKGROUND CHECKS Employee background checks have their good and bad qualities. Background checks allow you to filter out or sift the good choices from the bad or questionable choices for hire. In an attempt to assure the most qualified and well-rounded candidate is chosen, applying the “I’ve always chosen my employees this way” option needs to change. Choosing background checks as a part of the employment process gives you the edge over people pumping up their resume just to get the job. This will save you a lot of time and effort finding the right candidate. The time wasted on those who are not truly qualified for employment in a particular company will complete the search with the right one. Conducting an investigation into the background of potential employees can reduce the chances of workplace violence. There are those employees who have sketchy backgrounds. They have been involved in workplace attacks on other employees – be they managers, supervisors, or peers. Those troubled employees have now been labeled due to the violent acts from prior employment and their files have been tagged. Dependent on the type of job or facility where employment is needed such as nursing homes, children’s facilities, in-home care, pharmacies, and liquor stores to name a few, a background check should be mandatory. Companies do not want negative publicity caused by those they have hired or acquired through voluntary employment. This type of information in the hands of the media can…

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