Promote Your Credential Essay

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HEAD: Promote Your Value: 6 Ways to Boost Your Career with Credentials
SUBHEAD: Whether you’re looking for a new job or hoping for advancement in your current situation, ensuring that employers know about your professional credentials is key to a higher profile and better prospects.

Credentialing and certification are parts of many fields, from nursing to high tech to accounting. Employers often require that you take a test or meet certain standards to remain in a position, but have you thought about the value of the credential you’ve earned and how you can make it work for your overall career development plan? If you have taken a test or completed a task that allows you to call yourself certified, you have an advantage over others in your field and an advantage in career advancement. Some of the easiest and best ways to leverage your credential and make it work for you outlined below.

1. Get the Word Out. If the sponsor of your certification has a system for notifying
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Send It. Announce your credential every time you send an email by including it in your email signature. Just below your contact information in your email signature, have a short description of the certification or include a link to the page that describes your credential on the certification program’s website. If your certification entitles you to use initials after your name, make sure to use them but don’t assume that everyone reading your email will know what they mean. By providing a description or link that defines the certification, you will highlight your accomplishment and inform anyone who you’re emailing that you are credentialed. Not sure how to include an announcement of your certification in your email signature? Something like “The XXX Certificate is an elite national credential awarded to those who have passed a standardized examination and satisfied rigorous educational and professional experience requirements” is short enough for a signature line but conveys the

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