Axe For Dirty Men : A Message That Went On A Wrong Direction Essay

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Axe for Dirty Men:
A Message That Went on a Wrong Direction
Promoting a product is an essential part of a marketing strategy, without the promotion there is no guarantee that your product is going to attract costumer’s attention. The creativity aspect of the ads is so important, but creativity is also what can kill an ad. Well now imagen a guy using a body wash of axe brand, turning into a “dirty woman”. Yes, the main message is that you can get a “dirty woman” if you use this axe product. Many man see woman as objects, and who ever created these ads, does not know the difference between a girl and an animal.

This brand only makes products for men. if I didn’t know that, then what aspect of this ad tells me that is meant for men? Well that’s not difficult to assume, because in the ad only the men is using the product. And What is the girl doing? well she is getting dirty. Under the image there is text that says, “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get”. The usage of this text tells us that the ad is going for logical appeal (logos). It is obvious that no girl wants a man that doesn’t know the meaning of hygiene. Out of all the rhetorical appeals this is the most obvious, because this ad has an up down motion. The text is at the bottom of the ad, and in the three images there is a physical objet that it pointing down to the worlds. I have to accept that it was really smart how the creator of the ad was able to make this effect, because the way everything is placed it…

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