Alzheimer's Autobiography

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I was born in Toronto into a middle-class home by two loving parents, my mother and father, and an older brother. My father was born in the Philippians, my mother was born in Montreal, and my brother was born in Texas. I am Caucasian and follow no specific cultural or religious background or beliefs. My father was a catholic and attended church regularly. I, however, was baptized in a United Church and only attended the school masses that were mandatory. My mother is an accountant at a firm in downtown Toronto and my father was an insurance broker that also worked downtown.

I attended a Montessori school for two years prior to starting kindergarten. My kindergarten and elementary school were just down the street from my house. I had a nanny
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He started forgetting things and getting easily confused. It took over a year to get a definitive diagnoses of Alzheimer’s. Though my dad was older, it was still a very shocking diagnosis. This diagnoses changed a lot for my family. I was responsibly for cooking dinner, getting my fathers medication, doing the laundry, taking my dad to countless appointments, paying bills and making sure the house was taken care of. Even though it was not my job I loved having the ability to give back and help my dad as he was one of the main reasons I was so fortunate to have everything and every opportunity I had. My mother was also very helpful and made sure to help in anyway that she could. As he progressed we had to hire extra support to come and assist in his everyday needs. Ultimately, he had to be moved in to a long term care facility that cared for those with …show more content…
It was far enough that I could live in residence but it was also close enough that if I needed to be home I could easily get home. I often regret not being at home and being able to spend time with my dad, I still remember calling him sometimes and not remembering who I was. That was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with. However, I was extremely fortunate to meet four amazing friends who I have lived with since first year. They came to my dads funeral and have supported and been there for me throughout everything. My dog lived with us for almost two years before she has to be put down, they were there for that. One of my roommates was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma two years ago and we’ve been supporting her and one another since then. I can honestly say these four are my

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