Essay Outline For Alzheimer's Dementia

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Outline for The Main Effects of Alzheimer’s Dementia.

There are many different types of Dementia but most common are Alzheimer’s. People are unaware of the effects that their loved ones suffer with when diagnosed with this disease. There are 3 stages of Alzheimer’s that eventually take over the human brain of someone with this disease. The three main symptoms for each stage of Alzheimer’s are stage 1: Memory impairment – memory is affected, not being able to remember people’s names or misplacing object’s. Stage 2: Behavioral changes- because of memory loss this causes the disease to continue to take over the brain which will cause frustration or anger. Stage 3: Independence- Alzheimer’s takes over the brain to a point
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The disease attacks the frontal lobe part of the brain which is the part of our brain that control memory. An elderly person will start to forget information that they knew their entire life such as books, places and most importantly names
a. “The brain has 100 billion nerve cells (neurons). Each nerve cell connects with many others to form communication networks. Groups of nerve cells have special jobs. Some are involved in thinking, learning and remembering.”

i. Second stages of Alzheimer’s disease start to change the behavior of the person to a high extent. Clients are not as aware of their feelings and emotions and have a complete change in their personality. This causing them to become less aware of their actions and how they treat others.

a. ‘’Emotional changes occurring in dementia are predominantly negative in nature, such as apathy, irritability, withdrawal, self-centered behavior, and agitation.’’

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