Autobiography Essay: My Experience As A Writer

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My history as a writer is somewhat brief. If the basics of learning to read and write are to be excluded, my experience as a writer spans less than a decade. I would say that I first started writing, as I now understand it, I was ten years old. Since then, I have learned writing formally and informally both in and out of a classroom setting. I would even say that I have learned the most about writing from outside of the classroom. The first time that I sat down and decided to write with the intention of creating something, was when I was ten years old. At the time, I intended it to become a book. However, it wound up being a series of short stories consisting of no fewer than a few pages each, all loosely based around a few central characters. I mostly …show more content…
There I wrote articles based off of press releases, interviews, and attending different community events. My work was always proofread by the journalists and editor of the newspaper. Sometimes I would receive feedback on the articles and accompanying lessons on what to do and not to do when writing in a journalistic structure. I believed this helped my writing process, because I learned how to communicate information effectively without using creative modifiers while attempting to describe certain events or facts. This also prepared me for academic writing in college, which I was first introduced to in eleventh grade when I enrolled in college composition classes. In these classes, I was taught how to write argumentatively and for an academic audience. My skills in writing for an academic audience I feel were strengthened by college Biology classes in which I was required to write research papers about scientific issues. This helped me to understand what writing was like outside of the English field of study, allowing me to keep in mind a wider audience while writing both academically and

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