The Challenges Of The American Auto Industry

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The American auto industry is dealing with a lot of challenges in order to manufacture their products as the years go by. Many of these challenges that these industries faces can be main factor that interacted with one another but are individually can be main issues that the industry is facing. There are a lot of factors that the auto industry is facing but I am only going to focus on a few which are big main factors which could be part of other factors. First would be consumer’s demands, making sure that products are fuel efficient to improve environment and safety, and competitive market. Consumer’s demands have changed over the years. In today’s world innovation is the future. Many companies are striving to be more innovated and …show more content…
Gas prices were rising due to the limit of imported gas overseas. Consumers would have to pay almost double on what they use to pay in order to fill up a tank. Before fuel efficient cars were more common Auto industries were in the hurt when gas prices were rising. The sales for cars during that time were falling. Auto industries determined to make more fuel efficient cars to satisfy customer’s needs. Industries face on finding ways to have more fuel efficient cars to get consumers to buy. The demand of new fuel efficient cars sky rocketed. This was actually bringing in the customers. In each year a lot of industries find new innovated ways to improve the gas mileages in cars, like the Toyota Prius or like doing electrical cars like the Tesla brand or doing hybrids, part electrical and gas operated like the Ford Fusion hybrid. Fuel efficient cars have been a big priority for most consumers when buying a car then it was 20 years ago. Another reason for fuel efficient cars was that there was complaints that gas from cars were polluting the environment which can cause global warming; which I am not too sure on that, but I do know that the fumes from a car are toxic and it can harm human and animals. An article from stated, “No other machine in history has had a greater impact on our environment then the car. This is because we create the environment we live in and we have remade our environment for the car. It is this landscape of the automobile which is the real challenge to sustainability. Our quality of life depends largely on the quality of our environment.” Due to the causes of toxic fumes from the gas it was harming humans, animals and the ozone layer. This was another issue the auto industry had to face which they did by making fuel efficient cars which is helping the environment a little, but until we can convert to not using gas as a main source to power the car we have a long way to

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