`` August Heat `` By William Fryer Harvey, Aren 't Harmless And Show How Dangerous They Can Be

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Madness in the Heat
Coincidences happen all the time but usually in a harmless manner that leave people baffled for the most part. However, coincidences In “August Heat” by William Fryer Harvey, aren’t harmless and show how dangerous they can be. This frightening short story shows how one’s mind can create irrational fears when faced with a heinous coincidence. The chilling story takes place on August 20 in a summer heat England that caused a man go mad. In “August Heat” the use of setting, foreshadowing, and the first person view creates an effect of feeling horror and suspense. The author did a great job on not giving away too much all at once to keep the reader wondering. The setting in “August Heat” is extremely important to the short story because that is the ground point at which the story based off its conflict. It takes place in England on the 20th of August, and it is an extremely hot day of course. The characters seem captivated almost mesmerized by the heat, because it affected them all. “The room, though the doors and windows were open, was oppressively hot”. This is one example of how the setting, the summertimes extreme heat, effects the story. The temperature is so high and almost unbearable. Throughout the entire story the narrator speaks about the extreme heat in the town of Clapham. The last words of the story are”the heat is stifling. It is enough to send a man mad”. The description of the heat makes the story come alive. It enables the reader to feel…

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