Man From The South, The Demon Lover, And 'The Way Up To Heaven'

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In every novel, there is an element of figurative language always present. In each case figurative language can help enhance the image in the reader 's mind when they are reading a novel. The usage of foreshadowing plays a crucial role in the "Man from the South", "The Demon Lover", and "The Way Up to Heaven" by developing suspense.
The development of suspense is created by the use of foreshadowing in the "Man from the South". In a scene of this novel, the narrator expresses their thoughts about the mysterious man, since "It seemed he was . . . trying to make something out of this, and to embarrass the boy" as though he was "relishing a private secret all his own" (Dahl 32). His presence is a very odd one, which is why the foreshadowing shown
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The suspense in "The Demon Lover" is abundant throughout the entire novel, but the foreshadowing also contributes to the build up of suspense. One scene that has foreshadowing is when the fiancé promised, " 'I shall be with you, ' he said, 'sooner or later. You won 't forget that. You need do nothing but wait '" (Bowen 3). This is a very strange and threatening line that Mrs. Drover has remembered. This line here foreshadows the ending, where Mrs. Drover is kidnapped and taken away by a mysterious person. Although the ending is rather abrupt, this scene can help readers understand that the person who could of kidnapped Mrs. Drover was her fiancé from before the war. Another scene that had been foreshadowed is when Mrs. Drover ". . . thought of the taxi her heart went up and her normal breathing resumed" (Bowen 4). The usage of foreshadowing here can be used to justify the suspense building up following the events that occur in the abandoned house. As a reader reads about Mrs. Drover 's situation, most can understand the fear that Mrs. Drover is experiencing because of all the unknowns that threaten her. Following Mrs. Drover when she leaves, she immediately goes to a taxi to escape the immediate threat, but it is ironic in this sense that she ends up being kidnapped in the taxi. When referencing back to the scenes before the kidnapping, we can identify that the scene where she thinks …show more content…
The foreshadowing of the setting will created a suspenseful atmosphere where the reader can comprehend that there would be no help in the empty house. In "The Way Up to Heaven" Mr. Foster states, " 'I arranged everything with the servants, ' Mr. Foster said. 'They 're all going off today. I gave them half pay for six weeks and told Walker I 'd send him a telegram when we wanted them back '" (Dahl 133). This foreshadows the event where an accident may occur because every servant from the house will be gone, and will not be back until they are requested back through the telegram. This creates a setting where the suspense can manifest even further. This is the case because should an incident occur at the home, there will be not immediate help from anyone anytime soon. The use of foreshadowing can also be seen as a prelude to this scene that sets the stage where the tragedy occurs. A scene in the novel starts off with Mr. Foster saying, " 'That would be foolish, ' he said, 'You 've got a large house here at your disposal. Use it '" (Dahl 136). Here this foreshadows the scene where the accident will occur, where there is no help around the home. This also develops the setting for the suspense to grow because of the foreshadowing of the abandoned

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