Audrey Hepburn Biography

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Did you yet “discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself and the other for helping others” (Hepburn)? This woman strongly believed in this and spent her life to helping others until her death which was possibly caused because she forgot that she had another hand to take care of her own self. Despite her traumatic childhood, Audrey Hepburn was able to overcome the nightmare experiences through possessing strong morals and beliefs of her own and not only had a successful career as an actress but also became a well-respected Goodwill Ambassador of the UNICEF.
Audrey Hepburn was able to become a good natured person through all of her struggles because her mother’s morals helped her to stay strong. Audrey’s mother, Ella van Heemstra
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The reason she started the relief activities voluntarily, not because she was requested, is because she wanted to apologize to the world as a representative about what her father and the Nazis had done. In addition, Audrey and Ella had a hard time to recover from the damages from the war. Then, they were helped by UNRWA the United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency. Therefore, through the relief activities, she paid back the help she received in her hard times. She walked away from acting in the late 1960s after “My Fair Lady” and went deeper into the world of international and foreign affairs and focused on working with UNICEF in Africa and Latin America. Audrey Hepburn became the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF in 1988. Audrey moved people’s hearts through her sincere effort and devotion for the relief activities and gave a message to people that they can be a help to those people who really need it. She visited over 50 countries for relief activities. At the sites of relief, she didn’t behave like the star Audrey Hepburn. She was a mother of two children, a human Audrey Hepburn with tears, treating hurt children with love and pity. Despite the dangers, she visited as many places as possible including war zones and infectious disease zones. As the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, she believed that “to save a single child is a blessing, to save a million children is an opportunity granted to us” (Hepburn). September of 1992, Audrey Hepburn visited Somalia. She was already over 60 years old and her health wasn´t in the best condition. However, she felt huge responsibility for the children and endured great pain in her stomach. Later on, cancer of the rectum was discovered. Even though she went through a surgery, death was about to come soon. She returned to her home in Switzerland and spent her remaining days in

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