Essay about Audit Procedure of Opsonin Pharmaceutical

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A Report On Audit planning, Strategy and Audit Program

Opsonin Pharmaceutical

Date of submission

F-310: Auditing
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Submitted To:
Md. Salahuddin Chowdhury
Assistant Professor
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Submitted By: SL No. | Name | ID No. | Remarks | 01. | Md. Shiblur Rahman | 17-025 | | 02. | Md.Saddam Hossen | 17-023 | | 03. | Deloar Hossen | 17-027 | | 04. | Md. Rahatul Islam | 17-109 | | 05. | Subarata Biswas | 17-259 | |

Table of contents Sl. No | Topics | Page No. | 1. | Executive summary | | 2. | Letter of transmittal | | 3. | Objectives | | 4. | Limitations of the study | | 5. | Sources and
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We have shown a little company description with the company’s mission, vision, key information since it’s inception. We also tried to show the company’s manufacturing capability because audit is done focusing on the operations of the company. so we did comprehensive analysis on this topic. Then we gave a short overview of the company’s overall financial performance which will help the intended users to evaluate the company’s performance throughout the previous years and our work as well. We tried to include key data such as the pattern of shareholding within the company, the value added statement, total sales growth, the company’s export sales growth, profit before tax and the shareholders’ equity throughout the previous four years. At last we have shown our own audit procedure on the basis of quarterly financial data which we collected from various primary and secondary sources. We have shown our audit planning, collected sufficient and appropriate audit evidence at our level best, we did test of controls and substantive procedures to make this report as precise and reliable as possible. This report is the reflection of our belief and work procedures that we have done and hold preparing this. We cannot guarantee the aspects shown within this report but this report depicts our methods and processes we have on this topic.

Transmittal Letter
23th February, 2014
Md. Salahuddin Chowdhury

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