Attending Public School From K 12 Essay

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Attending public school from K-12 the teachers taught me the same type of writing for constructing an essay the traditional introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. This works for education children in the school systems throughout Texas. The way the schools taught me to write has been beneficial to ensure I do well and wasn’t given a choice of options to choose from for writing. In high school I found a way that works best for me, but still fits the criteria the teachers want to see in the essay. In college I use the same style that I learned but how it works for me, when I was told there is other ways of writing without using the traditional way I was hesitant at first but now curious to know different styles to still be an effective writer and widen my horizon for future writing.
Since I can remember back to elementary school when I was first exposed to writing essays they broke it down into introduction, two or three body paragraphs and a conclusion and at the end we would staple the three pieces together and there was my essay. Thinking back it was a good way to teach a child how to write a paper and today I still use that method. I wonder when that method will be out dated, at age eighteen I still use that method and to me seems to make essays boring and so traditional. Every single essay I have written up to this point has been this so called traditional way, I thought maybe after high school there would be a real world way of writing. Based of, what I have…

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